The Czech Republic / Moravian Silesian region
Our testing station is located in valley called Moravian gate. Is the valley between Beskydy mountains and Jeseniky mountains. Location with strong occurence of diseases and insects. Southwest wind often brings new and untypical species of insects, spores of diseases and seeds of thermophilic weeds. 

ZZS Kujavy cultivates almost 150 ha. All trials are performed on the fields which company has used many years. This provides the advantage for knowledges of soil types, weeds, diseases and insects.

GPS coordinates: 49.6932989N, 17.9842269E
Altitude: 260 m
Annual average temperature: 8,0 °C
Annual sum of precipitation: 620 mm
Availability: The station is situated near the motorway D1 and 15 km from the Leos Janacek Ostrava airport.


The EPPO climatic zone: Maritime

The EU authorisation zone: EU central zone