About ZZS Kujavy

Foto ZZS KujavyThe agricultural testing station Kujavy Ltd. (in short ZZS Kujavy. s.r.o.) is certified to carry out GEP trials with over 15 years of experience. But our work reaches back to 1965. As part of the research facilities of the previous company CISTA (Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture - UKZUZ). In 1998 the family of Mr. Jaromir Heryan founded private company ZZS Kujavy s.r.o.

This company provide a comprehensive field study service for evaluation of plant protection products and new crop varieties. The company guarantees high quality of provided services. The system of quality is certified according to GEP (Good experimental practise).

The company cooperates with a number of significant chemical, research and breeding institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.

All trials are performed by our experienced staff

Manager ZZS Kujavy

Investigator GEP & variety testing - Rape, Potatoe, Sugar beet

Investigator GEP & variety testing - Cereals

Investigator GEP & variety testing - Cereals, minority crops

Investigator GEP & variety testing - Corn

We are looking forward to our good cooperation!